"THE DOGGIE MASSEUSE" ~~ Acupressure & Animal Massage Therapy

Sanurra & Ellie ~~ Best Friends

Sanurra & Ellie ~~ Best Friends


About The Company:


“Happy Tails Pet Massage” is dedicated to the health, well-being and happiness of your animal companion.  I take a holistic, yet viable, approach to providing first-rate quality animal massage therapy for those who believe their pets are more than just animals, but an integral part of the family.

In an effort to support the parents, of such wonderful and cherished animals, in achieving the utmost balance and care for their pet, “Happy Tails Pet Massage” provides beneficial service of acupressure and massage.  This service is offered as a therapeutic addition to Veterinary services.

I will continue to gain more knowledge in the field of Massage and Acupressure for animals so that I may offer the most up-to-date animal care and information for you.  There are new and advanced processes that arise as we become more concerned for the welfare of our beloved animal companions.

My services out-do my competitors by exceeding all expectations of my clients.  Services and fees offered are standard within the industry of this unique and specialized field.


About Me:


My sole purpose in life is to be of significant service to the animals on our planet.  I had to find a way to be able to work with animals as my career in a manner to which they would enjoy it as well as I did.  I finally found that with Animal Massage Therapy.

My “soul” purpose is to do my part in any way possible to ensure the protection of our innocent animals of the world.

Previously I was a dog and cat groomer for four years and enjoyed going to work every day just to be around animals.  However, I felt that I was not giving them a service that they really liked.  There were those special dogs and cats that loved to be groomed and pranced to show off their new haircut or freshly smelling body.  I knew that I needed to find another way that was more in tune with my feelings towards animals and my gentle nature. 

I have accumulated over 250 hours of study and course work as well as massaged many dogs to earn my certification to become an Animal Massage Therapist.  I continue to learn and add experience with each and every new dog I have a massage session with.  They can be good teachers too.

I am RED CROSS  Certified in administering First Aid and CPR to dogs and cats.  Qualified and equipped in an emergency.


I am a member of PETA, ASPCA, The Humane Society, WWF and a few others.  I have been a foster parent for cats and kittens with the RASKC in King County, Washington prior to moving to Sacramento.  I plan to continue to do my part to help animals in need whenever I can.  It is a pleasure to be able to give my time and my love to all animals.

I have been an avid animal lover since I was a small child.  The family pets would always be at my side and wanting my attention.  They never had to beg for it since my time and attention was freely given.  My cats were either lying on my lap or lying on my back while I was watching TV on the floor.  Of course they slept with me too. Our dogs were happy to play in the yard with me and let me chase them through the house.  At dinner time they were always near my feet at the kitchen table waiting for their share of my dinner.  I didn’t care much for meat even then, so I snuck most of it to them when my mother wasn’t looking.

I have now been a vegetarian for over 20 years; since 1992.  I didn’t do it for my health, since I’m not too crazy about vegetables…….. I did it for the animals.  I do not use or own anything that is made from animals nor do I use anything that has been tested on animals.  Of course, that is my choice! 

I currently have two cats.  I visit my sister’s dog and take him for walks and give him massages too.  Unfortunately, I cannot have a dog where I live now.  If I could, it would be quite difficult to decide which one I would take home from the animal shelter or dog rescue foundation.

I got one of my cats, Misty Blue, from the animal shelter in Seattle and my other cat, Calypso, I rescued from the grooming shop where someone had abandoned her.  She was practically feral at that time and you couldn’t touch her without her growling, hissing and trying to bite you.  However, I just could not leave her in a cage and see her not get a home.  So I brought her home with me to nurture her and show her kindness.  Well, with a few years of lots of love and even more patience, she has come to know she belongs with me and her sister.  Although she now lets me give her belly rubs (she’s just so cute) I think there will always be small amounts of wildness in her from her past.  Believe me, she does have her moments still.

My other cat, Misty, follows me around where ever I go, from room to room, and just has to be near me.  Even when she is asleep, while I am awake, she is by my side.  Of course she sleeps with me too.  I’m not sure if she just loves me that much, or she just wants company.  Since she follows me everywhere I sometimes just walk back & forth and up & down the hall, or just around the house so she can get her exercise; plus it’s fun to watch.

I love my cats (my children) so dearly and deeply.  I would go to the ends of the earth for them and always make sure they are healthy and HAPPY!!!!!