"THE DOGGIE MASSEUSE" ~~ Acupressure & Animal Massage Therapy

What occurs during a session?

I come to your home for the sessions where it is more comfortable for your pet.

Usually your pet will greet me at the door along with you and I will say “Hello” to the both of you simultaneously.  Unless it’s your cat that is the client that day; then we may have to go and get her or him.

I will give you an intake form to fill out giving me information about your pet that is necessary to make an evaluation and determine a treatment plan.

I’ll also ask you a few questions regarding your pet, before you fill out the form, so that I may get started on the massage session.

I’ll ask if you have a nice, quiet place that would be pleasing for your dog or cat to relax.

If your dog or cat has their own bed, of sorts, then we usually use that for them to get comfortable on.  If not, I will supply that.

If your pet is willing to immediately let me touch them I can get started right away.

Some pets need a little coaxing from their parent.  If that is the case I’ll ask if you’ll bring your dog or cat to me and tell them it is okay for me to be near them and lay my hands on them.  Once they have your assurance that I’m okay they will be receptive to this new idea.

Most animals are not sure what is going to happen or why I’m there, but after a few minutes of giving them my attention and just petting them they will be at ease and begin to relax.

I will play some soothing music that I feel will establish a peaceful atmosphere.

During the massage your pet should become quite calm and enjoy the sensations of the massage.

When I first begin I will run my hands down their bodies to create energy and warmth.  While I am doing this I am also concentrating on finding any irregularities in the body form or bone structure and feeling for any lumps or bumps.

I will do a series of different touches, techniques, pressures, and so forth.  Depending upon what type of massage I will be performing will also determine which techniques will be used.  It may not be obvious to the observer what the differences are.  However, there are many different approaches.

At some point the session will come to an end and your pet, yourself and myself shall all be HAPPY.