"THE DOGGIE MASSEUSE" ~~ Acupressure & Animal Massage Therapy

What To Expect:

You can expect to have a loving, kind and caring person to tend to your animal companion in a gentle and friendly manner.  This person is, of course, me.  Although I am professional, this type of business is very casual and I like to treat my clients as a good friend.  At the same time, I am there for your pet and will try to get the session started as quickly as possible.

If I feel any lumps or bumps during a session or anything unusual I will let the parent know.

If I get a meaningful reaction from your pet from certain touches or in certain areas, there is probably a cause for this and I will let the parent know.

Should the parent want to know more specifics about the massage or just a general overall opinion of how I thought the session went I will always share information with them.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please note that there are many different animal personalities and many different bodily aches and pains that will influence the duration of the session.  Some animals will just love it and let it go on forever, until I have to end the session.  Other animals will let you know when they have had enough.

I will know by their actions whether they have really had enough or if they are just distracted.  Sometimes your pet may get up and walk away because they feel they are done for the day for whatever reason.  If we could read their minds, or if they could just talk to us, then we would know.  At other times, your pet may get up and just move around because they are not sure what they want or they may just be uncomfortable and I need to see if I can find a better position for them.

At other times there may be too many distractions within the area and your pet may be affected by this and not be able to settle down or relax.  Both you and me do not want to see this happen since the massage therapy may not be able to take place.  This is why I ask for you to find a quiet and comfortable place for their session.

I cannot express enough how necessary it is to have as little activity or noise close to where the session is taking place.  Most dogs will want to see what is going on in the area of the activity or if children are playing your dog may want to go and play with them.  Therefore this can most likely cause your pet to become anxious and not want to have a massage as they are being distracted by other things.

Please be aware of this and help your animal companion to have the best massage experience possible!!

You can expect your pet to be calm, relaxed, even tranquil and enjoy the sensations of the massage.  I know I said that before but wanted to reiterate this.  It’s a good thing!

Afterwards you can expect:

1)   Your pet to be extremely relaxed; or

2)   Your pet to be full of energy; or

3)   Your pet to be hungry or thirsty

Even the next day you may still notice some of these nuances.

Some very active dogs and agility dogs have overworked or tense muscles.  After working on these areas to release the tension and smooth out the tightened areas there is a release of pressure and the muscles become more relaxed.  However, due to the amount of work done on the muscle and the previous tension, they may experience some mild soreness the following day which is absolutely normal.

Just as when you may have a massage, there are areas of your body that my feel sore after your session and sometimes into the next day.  This too is normal.

Expect for your pet’s massage session to go splendidly and it will.


Please noteThere is always the chance that your pet will not cooperate, for any number of reasons, and just will not want to participate in a massage session.  I will try to gently persuade your pet a few times to see if I can perform massage therapy for them.  If your pet just refuses to let me proceed then I will respect this and would never try to force the issue.  At this point we could discuss whether I would stay for a while to just visit with your pet and get to know them, or try to reschedule for another time.  You are the parent and what ever your decision is, at that time, for what you would like to do will be honored.